ARMY World is
waiting for you.

ARMY makes this world free.
Try to come into a world of hope, full of ARMY's dream and joy.
We look forward to the world ARMY creates.
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ARMY will form its own ecosystem called ARMY.
This is a free world for ARMY, and ARMY, who loves BTS,
realizes its own metaverse world and ARMY World citizens
decorate their world within this ecosystem.


Selling or donating products.
Buying products.
Interacting with other ARMYs


Introduce the product to the Market.
Market Event or...
Seller's event.


ARMY World's security and dispute resolution support.
Market management.
Maintenance and event planning of BTS Museum.


Some functions.
Look around.


ARMY World has evolved from the existing Metaverse.
Create a new world by referring to various technologies and examples used.

Main Lobby

Metaverse World Entrance

Lecture room

Lecture, lecture, presentation

Video room

Video theater


Exhibition Hall, Gallery, Promotion Hall

Community room

Community, Club


Period Contents
2020.2Q Establishing ARMY Foundation and preparing for business.
2021.2~4Q ARMY Metaverse concept establishment.
2022.1Q Establishing ARMY World Metaverse ISP (Information Strategy Plan) establishment.
2022.1Q ARMY Dollar Major Exchange Listing and Business Announcement.
2022.1~2Q ARMY World Metaverse is developed.
2022.3Q Metaverse's ARMY World Construction (α Version)
2022.4Q Founding and construction by citizens in ARMY World.
2023.1~2Q ARMY World ordinary citizen Open (β Version)
2023.3Q ARMY World Market's delivery service.
2024.1Q ARMY Dollar's transaction support system within ARMY World is completed.



Announces Global K-Culture Platform with

On April 13 joined hands to provide K-cultural content as a global platform service through blockchain technology.

Super-large K-pop metaverse Global Platform Service is scheduled.

leading metaverse company, decided on April 13 to provide Korean Wave cultural contents including and K-pop and K-culture as a metaverse-based global platform service.